Eskimos Free Agent Frenzy

Edmonton’s Mike Reilly celebrates with his team-mates after scoring during CFL game Edmonton Eskimos vs Saskatchewan Roughriders, at The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. On Thursday, August 2, 2018, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Before Free Agency began it looked like the Eskimos were in for a tumultuous season, it was looking very likely that the Esks would lose their starting quarter back Mike Reilly to the BC Lions and Ed Hervey. This came true minutes into free agency. After a losing season where the Eskimos failed to make the playoffs and the fact they had just lost Mike Reilly was cause for concern among Eskimo fans about what the future held for the club, it looked to be in shambles.

Brock Sunderland the Eskimos GM had other ideas. He went very aggressively into free agency, instead of putting all his eggs into the Bo Levi Mitchell basket like the Argonauts did (and failed), he went and scooped up arguably the 3rd best QB in the league in Trevor Harris. With the money he saved he aggressively attacked free agency to improve the club. along with Harris Sunderland brought in wide receiver Greg Ellingson, as well as Offensive Lineman Sir Vincent Rogers from the Ottawa Redblacks. All but decimating the RedBlacks offensive lineup.

Sunderland didn’t stop There, signing East division all-star linebacker Larry Dean out of Hamilton. As well the Eskimos signed Don Unamba, and Jovan Santos-Knox. These signing massively improve the Eskimos.

Eskimos also signed Davaris Daniels WR out of Calgary and Anthony Orange DB out of BC.

The Eskimos went big in free agency and massively improved their team in one day. Though the loss of Mike Reilly obviously hurts because he is the best QB in the league, the Eskimos are a better team today and we have Brock Sunderland to thank for it.

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