Eskimo Open Tryouts

The Edmonton Eskimo’s have announced this years open tryouts. There will be two different tryout opportunities. The first tryout will take place in Houston, Texas on February 23. The second tryout will take place in Midlothian, Virginia on April 7.

Participants will have to participate in various exercises including the broad jump, vertical jump, shuttle run, 3-cone (L drill), and the 40 yard dash. As well there will be other one on one drills and fundamentals coaching mixed in.

The idea of an open tryout might seem like a silly idea for a professional organization. however, like Vince Papale walked on to the Eagles, many CFL teams give the chance to anyone willing to pay the registration fee to work their way onto the team.

Though the odds of making the team are very slim for the average Joe, there are many former college players/ recent grads who will show up to these tryouts because the dream of the NFL seems all but dead, but there is a glimmer of hope through these tryouts.

Some notable success stories from these open tryouts include Solomon Elimimian who in 2015 won the CFL’s MOP (Most Outstanding Player) award after being invited to camp through the open tryouts for the BC Lions. In Calgary, linebacker Ciante Evans is also a product of the open tryouts. This goes to show that in the CFL there is definitely opportunity with the open tryouts, and there are gems waiting to be uncovered who could help put a team over the top in the search for the Grey Cup.

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