2 Grey Cups Announced!

The 2020 Grey Cup has officially been awarded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This will be the first Grey cup game hosted at Mosaic Stadium, which just opened in 2017. A fresh new stadium for Rider Nation to host the festivities.

This will be the first time Saskatchewan has hosted the Grey Cup since 2013, which the hometown Riders ended up winning. Will we see a repeat of that 2013 magic? It will be tough to beat out the Calgary Stampeders who are the New England Patriots of the CFL when it comes to continual consistent winning, or to beat the BC Lions who will have Mike Reilly running their offence, or the re-tooled Eskimos led by Trevor Harris who recently signed a 2 year deal taking him through the 2020 season. It’ll be a tall order but the Riders will push hard for the chance to win it all again in front of Rider Nation.

The 2021 Grey Cup game has been awarded to the city of Hamilton. The Ti-Cats last hosted the Grey Cup in 1996. The city of Hamilton has a fresh new stadium in Tim Horton’s field which opened in 2015.

Hamilton last won the Grey Cup in 1999, so to have the team win in 2021 on home turf would be nothing short of amazing for the franchise. They’ve gone through much Grey Cup heart break in the season in between their last win and the present time. The east looks like it will still be relatively weak, so Hamilton should find a way to be aggressive in next years Free Agency, like Brock Sunderland was for the Eskimos this off season, in order to make Hamilton the titan of the East. Strong enough to take on whoever comes out of the West.

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