CFL to Move Season Week Earlier, 2021

For a long time now fans of CFL football have been begging the league to move the season earlier in the year so fans don’t have to endure brutal cold to watch the Grey Cup at the end of November. When Randy Ambrosie announced the 2021 Grey Cup in Hamilton it came with a game day of November 21st. One week earlier than the usual date. One week may not make a significant difference temperature wise but certainly won’t hurt.

The hesitation in recent years not to move up the season is because it puts the CFL in direct competition with the NHL playoffs. In Canada hockey is king, so anytime you are in competition with the NHL you are probably going to lose. For your die hard CFL fans though this move is a sign of positive change for the league.

Not only will the the Grey Cup be more comfortable to watch, with possibly warmer temperatures the quality of football in the biggest game of the year will be much higher because the players will be able to focus on playing rather than being warm.

The historical average temperature in Edmonton for November 21, is a high of -2 and a low of -10. Whereas a week later when the Grey Cup is currently held around November 28 is high of -3, low -12. Not a significant difference. However if this is a sign of change from the league and they could work for an early November finish for the Grey Cup, the averages look much better. November 1st historical average is +5 high, low of only -4. Those numbers look significantly better.

Let’s hope the league can use this step forward to continue towards an early November finish. I think it will only benefit the league.

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