Oilers Stand Pat

The Oilers have historically been one of the most active teams on trade deadline day. This year the Oilers decided to stand pat and I don’t think that was in the best interest for the club. Granted the one positive is the theory that the Oilers can’t lose a trade if they don’t make a trade, which isn’t a good approach at all but the Oilers do as the Oilers do.

The Oilers aren’t going to make the playoffs and that’s about as close to a fact you can get without it being an official fact. I would’ve liked to see the Oilers be sellers. Get something for Chiasson, he is very cheap and has 17 goals on the season. He has dried up offensively lately, but 17 goals is an attractive number the Oilers should’ve sold high on him while they could, even just a 3rd round pick. He’s not worth re-signing in the summer so they should’ve got an asset while they could.

Earlier in the season I wanted to trade Kassian really bad. He wasn’t providing offence being paid nearly 2 mil to play on the 4th line and took really dumb penalties at bad times. However in the last 20 games or so he has turned it around. He hasn’t taken as many bad penalties (which was what was really making me upset with him) and he has started putting up some solid offensive numbers. If he can keep playing like this, keeping him is the right decision from the Oilers, who are so badly lacking secondary scoring, he is one of the few providing right now.

There were some rumblings mostly from non credible sources about Russell, he was never getting moved this deadline. He has a full-NMC but it relaxes on July 1, expect him to get dealt in the summer.

The Oilers did trade Talbot before the deadline. That is the kind of trade I was hoping the Oilers could make today. An expiring contract for some picks or a prospect for the future.

A big reason for not trading anyone today in my opinion is that, the Oilers don’t have a lot of depth right now as it is and they don’t really want to mess around with what’s going on in Bakersfield right now more than they have too. Let guys like Benson, Marody, Gambardella, Yamamoto, Jones develop for the rest of the season with the Condors rather than giving them 4th line minutes on a losing NHL team like they are doing with Jesse Puljujarvi.

The Oilers didn’t improve their team today but they didn’t hurt their team like they probably would’ve had Chiarelli been at the helm.

Trade Dealine has now passed but trades are still in the Queue. Will edit this post if a trade is actually made. I don’t believe a trade will be made however.

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