#Oilers Implode

If you only watched the first period of the Oilers vs Maple Leafs game, then you could probably assume that we were in for a good game. The Oilers dominated the shot clock in the first, and had most of the time of possession. Then on the Power play Leon Draisaitl made a brilliant solo effort making all of Toronto’s defenders look like they played beer league. Toronto managed to get it tied up heading into the first intermission but things were looking good for the hardworking Oilers. The the second period arrived…

The Oilers absolutely imploded. They allowed 3 goals within the first 5 minutes of the second period to go down 4-1. The Oilers must of thought there was a commercial break or something, total defensive collapse. No offensive effort and the Oilers found them in a hole too deep for the hardworking club to climb out of. Then another 3 minutes later, not even halfway through the period the Leafs threw up another goal to make it 5-1 because why not?

The Oilers got caught out position defensively and it cost them as they took penalty after penalty, resulting in 5 PP opportunities throughout the game and the penalty kill had no chance of bailing them out. Toronto went 3/5 on the power play mopping the floor with the Oilers.

It was not a pretty game to watch, I shut the game off after the Oilers went down 3-1 because I knew the Oilers couldn’t dig themselves out of it and I had better things to do with my time.

The Oilers just simply can’t keep up with a team of this calibre. The Oilers have 3 offensive options (McDavid, Draisaitl, Nuge), whereas the Leafs have 3 lines of offensive options. Even with Kadri out of the lineup, the still rolled Marleau and Nylander on the third line. The can just roll offence all game long and the Oilers just don’t have the horses to keep up.

Oilers 3 Stars

1st Star – Leon Draisaitl – Scored a beautiful goal in front of the Toronto media to show them he is an offensive driver and shouldn’t be considered as only McDavid’s sidekick.

2nd Star – Darnell Nurse –played over 23 minutes, had 2 assists and was +/- 0 on the night. I know most people have left that stat in the history books these days, but when you lose that bad to come out even is a good sign.

3rd Star – Ryan Nugent Hopkins – He did have one real tough outing that will make him look bad tonight. He did score his 20th goal and 56th point of the season, tying his career high in points. Milestone nights can often get you into my 3 stars of the night.

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