Fix-Wolansky Signs NHL Deal

Trey Fix-Wolansky, the Edmonton product, who is the Oil Kings leading scorer has just signed a 3 year NHL entry level deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets drafted Trey in the 7th round 204th overall of the 2018 draft.

Fix-Wolansky fell in the draft mostly due to his lack of size, which deterred teams from using a selection on him. He put up 89 points in 71 games in his draft year. The baseline for prospects to turn into a scoring threat at the NHL level is usually at least 1 point per game rate in the CHL, and Trey managed to surpass that with ease in his draft year. He scoring has never been an issue, so to most his lack of size was the big obstacle. Which shouldn’t be an issue these days as players like Johnny Guadreau, Tyler Johnson, and hopefully soon for Oilers fans Kailer Yamamoto and small guys who make a big impact in the NHL. Though his size is small, he has the weight to make sure he won’t get pushed around at the higher levels.

In his draft year Fix-Wolansky had an NHLE of 31. For reference Filip Zadina who went 6th overall to the Detroit Red Wings also had an NHLE of 31 but due to size and maturity went much much higher in the draft. Now I’m not saying that Fix-Wolansky will be as good as Zadina or deserved to go as high in the draft. Wolansky does have plenty of things other than scoring he needs to work on. Though I will say that he deserved to go much higher than the 7th round, and he is going to make Kekalainen look like a genius when he arrives in the NHL.

Fix-Wolansky is in the midst of a career best season where he has scored 37 goals, 64 assists, and 101 points. the first Oil King to hit the 100 point mark since Michael St. Croix had 105 in 2011-12 (which is the modern franchise record). The record is in reach for Trey, he would need 4 points (to tie) or 5 points in the Oil Kings last two games of the regular season to set the single season points record. It’s do able, not likely, but do able.

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