Draft Lottery Results

Yesterday the NHL held their annual draft lottery, pitting all the NHL’s worst teams into a lottery to determine who gets the rights to select 1,2, and 3 in the draft with the rest of the teams falling into place by the order they finished in the regular season.

The Oilers entered the draft lottery holding the 7th pick in the draft. However, Chicago managed to win one of the lottery selections to move the Oilers down to 8th in the upcoming 2019 NHL Entry Draft.

The final order for the draft for the non playoff teams are as follows

  1. New Jersey Devils (Won the Lottery from #3)
  2. New York Rangers (Won Lottery from #6)
  3. Chicago Blackhawks (Won lottery from #12)
  4. Colorado (Via Ottawa in the Matt Duchene deal)
  5. LA Kings
  6. Detroit Red Wings
  7. Buffalo Sabres
  8. Edmonton Oilers
  9. Anaheim Ducks
  10. Vancouver Canucks
  11. Philadelphia Flyers
  12. Minnesota Wild
  13. Florida Panthers
  14. Arizona Coyotes

To bear some unfortunate news for Oilers fans, if Edmonton had managed to lose the final game of the regular season to Calgary instead of win, they would’ve finished in the New York Rangers position that won the lottery. Not to dwell on what ifs though, below are a few options I think would be very much of interest to the Oilers who may be around by the time the Oilers walk up to the podium in Vancouver.

  1. Dylan Cozens – It is very unlikely that Cozens falls this far in the draft but one can hope. If he falls this far the Oilers should be running up to the podium.
  2. Kirby Dach – A big powerful right handed centre, from Fort Saskatchewan (just outside of Edmonton) he would be a perfect fit for the Oilers whether he stays at centre or transitions to the wing once he reaches the NHL to play along side either McDavid or Draisaitl or Nuge.
  3. Alex Turcotte – Smaller player but has lot’s of skill and responsible two way player. If Dach and Cozens are gone Turcotte should be the Oilers target.
  4. Peyton Krebs – the third WHL forward on this list. Krebs isn’t as good as the 3 above but still projects to be a top 6 player in the NHL something the Oilers desperately need.

The NHL Draft goes on Friday June 21 in Vancouver.

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