Recap: FC Edmonton VS Cavalry FC

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The #BattleOfAlberta or as it’s known here in soccer country the #AlClassico commenced its first battle in the Canadian Premier League on Saturday. The Eddies travelled down to the beautiful Spruce Meadows to take on Cavalry FC out of Calgary on a very cool and very rainy day.

The rain was the major story line at the beginning of the game. Coming down in such quantity that the camera’s were having difficulty keeping clean causing some to be very hazy/foggy, the main camera completely covered in water drops making it near impossible to tell which players were which out on the pitch. As the game began Cavalry pushed early and often, having over 60% possession in the first half of the game. The Eddies came in knowing they were going to play more defensively as both Edwini-Bonsu and Didic, two major pieces throughout the Eddies first two games were out of the lineup. Though Ameobi drew in for his first CPL action in this game it wasn’t enough to help keep Cavalry off the board, as late in the first in stoppage minutes Jordan Brown perfectly redirected a hard shot that came from outside the box to put Cavalry up 1-0 seconds before the half came to a close.

That seemingly crushing blow in the rain right before the break seemed to motivate the Eddies rather than crush them because they cae out in the second half with much more intensity. Knowing that sitting back hoping for a draw was no longer an option they had to try and push Cavalry. They did so with a decent amount of success drawing the possession closer than the 60-40 gap at half (60-40 flatters the Eddies) but they left their big final push just a little too late. The last 15 or so minutes seemed to be dominated by the Eddies, they got a multitude of chances that they just couldn’t finish on, which seems to be a bit of a theme so far early into this season. The Eddies definitely missed the size of Didic in the box on set pieces, they just didn’t have the horses to run with the Cavalry this time around. The game did end only 1-0 but Calgary could’ve won by a few more based on their stellar first half domination.

The Eddies next match is May 29th at Tim Hortons field in Hamilton against Forge FC. The Only way to watch is through, you can get a one month free trial and it’s worth it if you want to watch all the Eddies action this year. otherwise you’ll have to wait until the fall to see some Eddies soccer on CBC, or you’ll have to go out and watch a home game live at Clarke Stadium which I 10 out 9 recommend!

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