Recap: FC Edmonton vs Pacific FC

It was the Eddies Inaugural home match, the opponent Pacific FC on a beautiful sunny Sunday at Clarke Stadium. I actually went to the game, in the north grandstands general admission and I must say I enjoyed myself a ton. The atmosphere on the pitch was that of a professional soccer game, yet it still felt nicely laid back and family friendly in the stands. On the Northside at field level between the grandstands their was a large grassy patch where kids were playing their own soccer game, picnic tables for families to sit down and enjoy the game at. the concessions were close to field level, for me it was an awesome experience being able to be so close to the action. For a child I could only imagine the excitement of being so close.

As for the game itself, the first few minutes had the teams feeling each other out a bit, which I think will be the case for most games this spring season since no one has played each other before. The Eddies seemed to have more control over the the field of play until Lincourt-Joseph grabbed a red card in only the 28′ minute. The call seemed very controversial. Sitting in the stands I had no idea why he was given the card. It seemed he did a fine slide tackle like you see 100 times a game. If anything the referees could have given him a warning with a yellow card. The referees say is final though so Lincourt had to leave the pitch, leaving the Eddies shorthanded for the rest of the match. It was a fairly physical game, the Eddies with one red card, as well as two other yellows. Pacific also took a yellow card in the match.

Once the eddies went down a man their play seemed to pick up. Defensively nothing seemed to get by their defense and they tried to stretch out Pacific, making for a multitude of chances for the Eddies. The Eddies had numerous chances off of set pieces, whether it be a number of corners, throw ins near the box, or free kicks from just outside the box. The Eddies just couldn’t manage to convert, I’m sure if they would’ve had all their men on the pitch the would’ve been able to bury 1 or 2 goals to send Pacific home empty handed. Instead the Eddies managed to battle to a 0-0 draw and scrounge a point out of being shorthanded for a majority of the match.

I could hear the Eddies supporters loud and proud for most of the match even though we were on opposite sides of the field, makes me excited that we have a great supporters group already that i’m sure is only going to grow in size as the season continues. It made me want to wander to the south side and join in the chants!

I was talking with my friends I went with after the game and we all were very excited to come back for the next Eddies home game. Maybe it had something to do with the beautiful weather but the whole experience was just wonderful, saying we would probably prefer an Eddies game to an Eskimos game if given the choice, which is a bold statement.

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