Recap: FC Edmonton @ York 9

It was the first leg in the second round of the Canadian Championship as the two teams looked to inch their way closer to the Voyageurs Cup. The first leg is in York, the second leg will take place on June 12 at Clarke Stadium at 7:30pm.

Dylan Powley got his first start for the club, giving Connor James a deserved night off after keeping Edmonton in every game they’ve played so far this season.

The conditions were very wet for tonights game and that seemed to have an impact on the quality of play in the early going as players tried to adjust themselves to the conditions. There isn’t a lot to talk about through the first 15 minutes, the Eddies seemed to have a slight edge in possession up until that point. However, York 9 seemed to settle into the match and take complete control of the game. York’s domination began after a free kick off a foul committed by Moses which went wide but built some momentum for the home club.

In the 28′ Ryan Telfer managed to sneak his way into the box and directed a York corner into the back of the Eddies net to put York up 1-0. A mere minutes later off of another set piece Corner kick, Gattas Directed the ball into the net to give the home side a 2-0 advantage in the first half. York continued to push and control the pace until the end of the half.

Soon after the teams kicked off the second half, the Eddies surrendered another corner kick. York made no mistake burying a 3rd goal off Corners, this goal coming in 53′.

At this point FC Edmonton looked a little defeated, down 3-0 not having scored in over 400 minutes, things were looking really bleak for the away club in this one.

In the 54′ Diouck took a dangerous looking free kick for the Eddies from just outside the box that Ingham managed to deflect out of danger over the net. That was the Eddies only dangerous chance up until this point of the match. That seemed to fire up Diouck a little bit though because in the 66′ Diouck managed to blast a close range shot into the top corner of the net to bring the score to 3-1. The Eddies first goal since the first game of the season (the last two goals have both been scored by Diouck). The possession stats at half were 60-40 for York but with the Eddies change in formation to try and jumpstart the offence in the second half brought the possession numbers closer by the end of the game, 53-47 in favour of York.

The Eddies did manage an exciting late game push, in the 82′ Diouck had another good chance in close with lots of chaos going on in front of Ingham, the chance turned into a corner. Off the corner the ball ended up near the far post where Diouck couldn’t manage to convert but ended up being offside so a goal wouldn’t have counted anyways.

In extra time, the 92′ a ball got sent high into the box for the Eddies, Ameobi jumped up to battle Ingham for the ball. Ingham missed the ball and bounced off Ameobi into the net to make the score 3-2 for the Eddies… or so they thought, the ref ended up calling a very very controversial foul on Ameobi which disallowed the goal. having 2 away goals would have been massive when thinking about aggregate score going into the home match next week. Nonetheless the Eddies only wend up with 1 goal, losing 3-1 to York 9.

The Eddies could have desperately used that second goal and I have no idea why that goal was called back, infuriating and frustrating for a club starved for goals up to this point in the season.

3 Thumbs Up
1 – Oumar Diouck scores the Eddies first goal in 5 matches!
2 – Played a lot better in the second half, if they can play with that kind of intensity out of the gate next game they should be in good shape.
3 – The team got an away goal which is very important looking forward to next game and aggregate score going into the second leg

3 Thumbs Down
1 – Bad marking, 3 goals conceded by set pieces off corner kicks
2 – The first half was one of the worst halves I’ve seen the team play all season long
3 – Ameobi’s goal called back, makes no sense. I can’t see a foul anywhere. Very disappointing.

FC Edmonton Man of the Match

Oumar Diouck

The Eddies were all horrible during the first half of the match. However, during the second half Diouck put the team on his shoulders, he had numerous chances was in the box all night long causing trouble for the opposition. He scored FC Edmonton’s first goal in 5 matches!!

The Eddies next match is Wednesday June 12th vs York 9 in the second leg of this Canadian Championship. Come out and support the club as they do battle looking to advance.

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