Harris, Gable Players of the Week

The Edmonton Eskimos played their first regular season game of the year on Friday night. It was expected that the Eskimos would steamroll the visiting Montreal Alouettes. The Montreal squad was coming into the game having fired their head coach less than a week before kickoff, combined with the fact the team has no owner (the team was sold to the CFL in May), and a poor on field roster, the Eskimo’s were supposed to stomp the Alouettes. That didn’t quite happen though as the final score read 32-25 for the Eskimo’s, a strong offensive game for the Green and Gold but it could have been stronger as the eskimo’s had two turnovers in the red zone, which could’ve/should’ve ended up with another 14 points on the board.

Save for the few turnover’s the Green and Gold gutted out their first victory of the season and had some awesome offensive production form their team.

Trevor Harris was playing his first game for the Eskimo’s after signing with the club as a free agent over the offseason. He is doing his best to replace long time Eskimo quarter back Mike Reilly who left for BC during the off season via Free Agency. If his first game in the Green and Gold is any indication on Harris’ calibre, the Eskimo’s are in fine hands, as he threw for 447 yards and completed 32 of 41 pass attempts, including 3 touchdown passes. We probably won’t be seeing Harris run the ball as much as Mike Reilly did in his time with the Eskimo’s but Harris managed to run for 12 yards and 1 touchdown in Week One.

(Harris’ first Touchdown pass as an Eskimo)

C.J. Gable a veteran CFL player, in his second full season with the Eskimo’s after being brought over via trade from the Ti-Cats near the end of the 2017 season, had 20 carriers for 154 yards. that works out to about 7.7 yards/carry. He also caught 3 passes for 29 yards, and scored 1 touchdown in the 4th quarter.

(CJ Gable touchdown Highlight from CFL.ca)

Both Harris and C.J. Gable were given player of the week honours for week one of the CFL season as the team managed to put up over 600 yards of offence. That’s the first time the team has put up 600 yards+ since 1997.

The Eskimo’s next game is this Friday June 21 Vs the BC Lions. It will be Mike Reilly’s first game at Commonwealth Stadium since leaving the Eskimo’s. So if you are thinking of going to the game, make sure to give Reilly a large, warm, standing ovation. He gave the Eskimo’s many great season’s and always gave us something to watch even if the team wasn’t performing well.

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