Recap: FC Edmonton Vs Cavalry FC

Oh Goals, where art thou??

After scoring goals in consecutive matches vs York 9 FC in their back to back matchups in the Canadian Championship, things were looking up for the Eddies after failing to score in their previous 4 match ups, scoring two games in a row seemed almost unthinkable for this squad. One of those goals even stood up as a game winner as the Eddies defeated York 1-0 in the second leg of the Canadian Championship, though it wasn’t enough to help them move on in the competition, being eliminated 3-2 on aggregate score.

However, getting back to league play, things went back to the usual, a whole lot of nothing from the Eddies as they dropped their Saturday decision to the league’s top team Cavalry FC 3-0. That’s a tough game to lose for the Eddies, failing to score, surrendering multiple goals to your biggest rival on home turf. Hopefully this loss inspires the Eddies to score some goals as the Spring season draws to a close and they get ready for the fall season.

The Eddies have now gone 5 straight league games without scoring a goal.

The Eddies did seem to be trying for a goal though as the put up a shot total of 18, though only 3 made it on target. I think this shows some of the desperation the Eddies are feeling right now as they are shooting from anywhere hoping to at least cause some sort of disturbance inside the box. The last few games the Eddies seemed to be looking to get the perfect shot before they would take it, getting to fancy inside the box. Against Cavalry they finally started shooting managing 11 of their shots from inside the box and taking a few long range chances hoping for something. It’s a step in the right direction and maybe it was too much to hope for the Eddies to get a goal against the best team in the league at this point but if the continue to fire shots towards the goal like the did this game, the goals will come. Now they need to start focusing on getting those shots on target as well.

Oumar Diouck continues to impress as he had 4 shots from inside the box, as this season continues to impress he might be working his way into the team MVP conversation. So far it has been all Connor James all the time but with 2 out of the teams 4 goals and over the last few games having chance after chance. I tfinally feels like someone other than the Goalkeeper is doing something to try and help this club win.

Hopefully he’ll start getting some support from the main Strikers such as Ameobi or Edwini-Bonsu but for now, it seems as though the offence is falling on Diouck’s shoulders.

The Eddies next match is at York 9 FC on Wednesday June 19th, 5:00 pm MST. These two teams are starting to get real familiar with each other, it will be their third match against each other this month, bu their first Canadian Premier League action.

The Eddies currently sit last in the CPL with a 1-4-1 record (W-L-D). However a win against York 9 would vault them past York and into a Tie with HFX Wanderers for 4th in the league, which would be a much more respectable spot than last place. It’s a big matchup. The Eddies could end up 2 points back of 3rd place with a win, or if they lose, stay in last place 1 point behind Pacific FC.

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