Recap: FC Edmonton @ York9

6 games… 6 straight games without a goal. I don’t know if anyone told the Eddies but the Spring season is only 10 games long before they crown a winner who gets entered into the Championship game. The Eddies haven’t scored since their Inaugural match against Valour in Canadian Premier League action. They’ve gone over half the season without scoring a goal. It’s tough to watch

It was the third meeting between the two clubs this month, and this time around we managed to get our third different result. The first two times these teams squared off, it was York9 walking away with a 3-1 victory, though in many people’s opinions should have been 3-2 but the Official called back what seemed to be a good goal in the late stages of the game. Had the Eddies 2nd goal counted, their 1-0 victory over York9 at home a week later would’ve been enough for a 3-3 aggregate score, which would’ve seen Edmonton advance due to away goals scored. Disappointing to say the least.

However those two games are in the past now, each team came into the match with 1 win a piece in the season series, both apart of the Canadian Championship. This, their first matchup in Canadian Premier League play was shaping up to be an interesting match, combined they had scored 5 goals in the previous two matches (6 for this Eddies fan who won’t forget how the official did us dirty). To even teams who have put plenty of balls in the back of the net, playing for the rights to escape the basement of the CPL Spring season.

The game started off with the Eddies having a nice bit of offensive pressure, Diouck had a strong shot on goal form outside the box that made sure York9 Keeper Nathan Ingham was awake and ready to go. From my view point it seemed like the Eddies had a majority of the offensive pressure with a few nice chances in the first half, maybe more so in the first 15 minutes. Both teams managed a few so so chances in the first half, but when it came to a close the possession stats favoured the home squad York9 59-41. That stat line doesn’t really reflect the level of play I saw from the Eddies, I thought it would’ve been much closer the way they were playing. Even the in game commentators mentioned that it looked like the Eddies were trying to be brave and just gets balls on target from range rather than take the extra touches that have been plaguing the team in the hopes to score a goal.

The second half seemed to be as calm and boring as the first half. Except for in the 52′ off a York 9 corner, the ball seemed to be about to enter the net but a nice head save by an FC Edmonton defender from behind the goal line managed to keep the ball out and keep the score at 0-0. Later in the half Oumar Diouck had a nice chance 5 yards from the goal but put the ball wide. It was probably FC Edmonton’s best chance of the night. York9 took a Yellow Card in the 77′ but other than that tonights matchup was a boring 0-0 draw between two of the worst clubs in the league this season. Probably what we should’ve expected from the outset of the match.

Man of The Match:
Amer Didic
Most of the Eddies looked like they were deferring to their teammates in hopes that someone else would score the goal for the team. While I could probably give the man of the match to Diouck or James again that just wouldn’t be interesting.
Didic missed a couple games earlier this season and I think his presence was missed. He is very tall and super helpful for set pieces like corners or throw-ins to get the first touch on the ball. Having him in the line-up made the Eddies a better team today than if he wasn’t. Hopefully soon one of these set pieces will turn into a goal for the squad.

Next Match

Sunday, June 23, 4:00pm @ Pacific FC.

The last time these two played each other was the Eddies opening home match. The eddies took a controversial red card in the 27′ leaving them shorthanded the whole game, yet they still looked the better team. So with only 3 matches left in the spring season (Pacific, Forge, and HFX Wanderers), I think the Eddies will come away with a 1-1-1 record with the win coming against Pacific. A win would mean the Eddies actually score at least one goal and get the monkey off their back.

Also make sure to catch Team Canada as they take on the Netherlands in the Women’s World Cup, game kicks off at 10:00am MST! With a win they clinch first in their group as the head into the Knockout Stages.

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