Recap: FC Edmonton @ Pacific FC

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Ramon Soria, He helped the Eddies out with 2 assists against Pacific FC.

Rejoice! Rejoice! FC Edmonton did the unthinkable! They scored a goal in league play! Tomi Ameobi scored the opening goal of the match to put to bed the Eddies goalless drought. The drought spanned over the course of 8 games (6 full games), and 587 minutes. The Eddies continued to roll in this game as they visited Pacific FC for the first time this season, they came away with a 3-1 win which vaulted them into a four way tie for 4th place, 1 point back of valour who is currently alone in third place. As bad as the Eddies have been offensively, they have been very stingy defensively for the most part, which has helped them keep their goal differential relatively low, helping the Eddies currently slot into 5th instead of last place.
Now to Recap this fine game

1st Half

9′ – FC Ed corner, but Ameobi called for a foul as the ball was delivered into the box to negate any chance that could’ve arose early in the game.
17′ – Pacific FC attacker Hernandez fell down inside the box, PFC fans called for a foul but when you see the replay, it looks like he just stepped on Esua’s foot and fell over himself, good non-call that prevented any early catastrophe for the Eddies.
23′ – From way outside the box PFC midfielder Victor Blasco unleashed a heavy shot that found its way past Keeper Connor James but could not beat the post, as it bounced wide for a goal kick.
25′ – Temguia called for a foul as he got a little over anxious and shoved a Pacific attacker from behind just outside the box, the ensuing free kick flew just over the goal to keep the game tied 0-0
32′ – Soria puts a beautiful ball into the box that goes directly to Ameobi, Ameobi controls it perfectly off of his chest turns and fires the ball into the net, all while fighting off a defender who had their arms wrapped all over him. Goalless drought for the Eddies ends at 587 minutes!
34′ – A long range shot by Blasco takes a crazy deflection and gets past James again, and once again the post bails out the Eddies as the ball hits it and goes wide.
38′ – Another long ball forward by Soria past the defense. Diouck gets to it first and chips it over a challenging Keeper at the edge of the box and into the net to give the Eddies a 2-0 advantage.

The first 25 minutes or so seemed to be mostly in Pacific’s favour as they held a large share of the possession, they had a few dangerous looks. However, Edmonton while playing in a strong 4-4-2 formation was defensively sound and used their strikers to perfection, as they managed to get 2 balls up to their strikers who made no mistake.
The game seemed to shift into Edmonton’s favour around the 25 minute mark. Though possession stats still favoured PFC when the half time whistle went. On both goals it was nice to see Edmonton not take that one extra touch before trying to shoot, both times the attacker got the ball and fired it on goal quickly before the defense could intervene. This is something that seemed to be plaguing the Eddies through this spring season. They would take too much time and allow the defenders to disrupt the play. If they continue to work on their first touches, the Eddies could be a threat in the fall season.

2nd Half
51′ – Dangerous ball through the defense for PFC but they just couldn’t gain control over the ball and the danger was dismissed.
64′ – Hand ball by Esua just outside the the corner of the 18 yard box. Free kick manages to find its way deep into the box but the Eddies stingy defense managed to clear the ball away from danger.
69′ – FCEd corner, Dangerous chance as the ball made it into the box, and as it it bounced past the far post, the Edmonton attacker got a foot on the ball but it hit the side of the net resulting in a goal kick.
79′ – Beautiful counter attack by FC Edmonton. Son runs the ball down the near side and plays a perfect cross to Bruno Zebie who makes no mistake running onto the ball and firing it past the Pacific keeper to put the road squad up 3-0.
84′ – Blasco finally gets rewarded for all his chances. He runs the ball down the middle of the field himself from his own half, then fires a perfect long range shot that flies into the top corner to draw the game to 3-1. This goal was very impressive, you’ll see it on a few highlight reels as the spring season winds down.
85′ – Ongaro, who came on as a substitution, plays a beautiful ball into the box past the defenders. Mortotsi just couldn’t quite get a handle on it in time runs out of real estate to put it past the goalie and puts the ball wide as he he had to shoot from the goal line beside the net. Great response from the Eddies after giving up a goal moments prior.
89′ – Esua lets an attacker get behind him. Out of desperation hauls him down and takes a yellow card. On the ensuing free kick, Didic use his large frame to get to the ball first and clear it out of danger.

Overall, PFC had the majority possession in the second half as well. Though that is likely caused by the fact Edmonton came into the 2nd half up 2 goals, and in their defensive 4-4-2 formation decided to sit back and defend which they managed to do very successfully and walk away with 3 much needed points, and much more needed 3 bug goals to get that monkey off their collective backs.

Player of the Match

Ramon Soria

Soria was the main reason for both FC Edmonton goals in the first half. He provided to excellent long passes from about half to his strikers, who were able to execute and score the goals that gave the Eddies the 2-0 lead going into the half. The control Soria had on the ball throughout the match was very good and helped him earn these honours for the match.

Next Match

FC Edmonton vs Forge FC. Home game at Clarke field. Wednesday June 26 @ 7:00 pm MST.

There is going to be Caesars, Margarita’s, and Taco’s as the home team brings in some fun to add to the game day experience this match only. Get your tickets and support the club as the look to score in consecutive games for the first time this season.

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