FC Edmonton Signs Duran Lee

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FC Edmonton announced the signing of former HFX Wanderer Duran Lee today. Lee began the season playing for Vaughan in the Ontario league where he suited up against HFX during the Canadian Championships. His play was impressive enough that HFX chose to sign him to a one year deal after the series ended. Upon joining HFX, Lee went on to play a total of 8 games with the Wanderers during the fall season playing a total of 678 minutes with the club. In those 8 games Lee recorded one yellow card.

Lee is 25 years old from Toronto, Ontario which makes obviously qualifies him as a national player for the upcoming season he will be slotted to play either LB or CB. Transfermarkt.us states Lee as a CB but all communications from FC Edmonton social media has described him as a LB so far. Which is a position that currently looks like it’s Lee’s to lose as no other defenders who currently have contracts with the Eddies play LB. It’ll be interesting to see where he fits in the Eddies lineup come spring time. Will they find another player to potentially challenge him for the spot or not?

This is the first move from the Eddies in what feels like forever, hopefully there is some more news to come soon to keep us interested throughout the rest of the winter until training camp. If not we’ll have to talk about Ottawa being awarded the first expansion team to bring the league to 8 teams for this upcoming season.

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